Questions Poll Added To A Facebook Fan Page

Using the Questions Poll tool is a great way to encourage interaction from your Facebook fans. At the moment it is not readily available to all of us but if you watch the video I’ve created, it will show you how to add the ‘questions tool’ to your Profile and all your Fan Pages to use straight away.

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iFrames – What You Need To Know

iFrames are definitely here to stay – for the time being anyway! Although they are not as readily available for the ‘non-coder’ Fan Page owner to access like fbml code was, iFrames certainly offers a lot more than fbml could ever do – and hence the reason Facebook switched.

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Facebook’s Diversification is an Ingenious Growth Strategy

Facebook started out as a college re-union social network with games and has evolved into an all-purpose destination that is replacing the otherwise unconnected multiple sites we once had to separately log into to do various tasks such as; emailing, instant messaging, video sharing, gaming, write articles or notes, forums or discussions and blog posts.

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Social Media Strategies To Develop Content

If you don’t have content then you don’t have a Social Media Strategy. So how do you get good content? Brad from the Online Marketing Institute shares his insights in this video and I wanted to share it with you because he covers a lot very succinctly.

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Google User’s New Search Tool

Google launched it’s latest tool recently that allows users to block websites from their search results if the website isn’t providing relevant information to their search. So Blogger’s be good!

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Blogging: How Does It Provide More Traffic To my Website?

A blog is a ‘tool’ so ‘how you use it’ depends on how effective it is in driving traffic to your website.

If you want your website to give more content by adding new or better detailed information on your business topic regularly then blogging is a good idea.

A blog can depict you or your business as experts in the industry you work in. Sharing any valuable insights or resources displays an expertise in your business topic that your customers are likely to be searching online for to know more about.

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Facebook Tops Monthly Page Views

Facebook gets a lot of traffic as it delivers a lot of engaging material but this chart from the Business Insider should leave no doubt in any businesses minds as to whether they should be thinking about whether to bother becoming a part of the Social Media world.

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How Social Media Data is Impacting your SEO Ranking

If you’re not interested in using Social Media Marketing directly to increase your customer lists or branding and still only want to use SEO Marketing to increase your website ranking in order to drive traffic to your business you may want to rethink your strategy because when Danny Sullivan in December interviewed the Google Algorithm Team they had to answer many questions surrounding:
“Is Social Media Sites playing a role in a businesses website ranking?”

This led to Matt Cutts creating a video to answer the very same question to clear up the confusion. I’ve added the video for you to watch.

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