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Google launched it's latest tool recently that allows users to block websites from their search results if the website isn't providing relevant information to their search. So Blogger's be good!

Google launched it’s latest tool recently that allows users to block websites from their search results if the website isn’t providing relevant information to their search. So Blogger’s be good!

Blogging has become a vital component to any website – whether it be hints and tips on a service provider’s site or educational information that is topical to a company and their products. The reason has been in order for those websites to improve their search engine listing, especially Google, by writing content around keywords that are being searched for. But unfortunately over the years many of the first page Google listings sound good in the title and description only to discover once clicked on an article that is stuffed with keywords and gives no value.

The new tool will mean businesses need to rethink how they will write headlines and the description pieces that appear in search results so they are not inadvertently assumed to be spam because the reader didn’t find the information relevant to their search when they clicked on it.

Google’s new feature hopes to make searches more personal and relevant to the user by placing a new link that reads “block all results”. If you’re a Facebook user it will look very similar to how you can hide posts from game apps or people in your news feed.

If then in a later search a previously blocked page would have been present in the search it will give the user a message telling them a result has been blocked. Giving the user the decision of whether to unblock it to view it.

The obvious question has been will Google use this data be added to the search algorithm in order to determine a website’s listing in searches overall, especially if a website has received multiple blocks.

Google said in it’s announcement it will not use the domains people block to power its algorithm, although it warned it will be investigating how the data could be used in the future. A large amount of data collected by Google is used to determine the search results and if multiple blocking did become a factor then it could be possibly abused in order to block and reduce the listing of a targeted competitive website. But at this stage it is only to be considered a tool to make searching more personal to the user.

In the meantime for Bloggers that rely on natural high listings through the use of keyword orientated content it will be vital to make sure their sites are full of relevant content and the descriptions and tags are richly written. For most businesses they don’t want to be ranking for anything less than what they are known for doing well.

If you need any further advice or want to get a blog started on your website I am more than happy to address your questions, just send our team an email!

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