Support & Communication Policy

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Note: Following you will find details of our service fees and how they relate to both work and communication on your projects, and when they apply.

We bill for time spent on your project(s) and as a professional service, just like your accountant or lawyer, we do factor communication time into our billing.

We understand some clients may be happy paying for extra support via calls, but for those that don’t we have in place systems to streamline support and minimise these fees.

Of course, there will be times when a quick unscheduled call is warranted, e.g. if your website is down, a critical web page is not displaying properly, or something has been hacked, and calls for such matters are not billed.

Our goal is always to deliver the best outcomes for our clients – sometimes this does require extra communication and the following policies apply.

No Charge Communication

Ora: Add a task in “Client Input” on your Ora board – we monitor and assign to the appropriate team member for actioning. For existing tasks please communicate on that task card.
Website feedback: Use the commenting tool added to your website. While in staging (not available to the public) the commenting tool will be available, but for live sites we set this to only be visible if you are logged in.
Email: If the previous two methods are not applicable, then email – this will be forwarded to the appropriate team member and/or added to Ora for further communication.

Normal fees will apply for work on any tasks that do not form part of a fixed price project.

Defined Communication Touchpoints

For fixed price projects we have a number of set communication touchpoints that have been factored in as inclusive to the project’s price. Extra phone/video calls or meetings may attract additional fees.

Undefined Communication Touchpoints

For custom projects being billed in stages or pay-as-you-go, phone/video calls and meetings are billable time.

Buzz Web Media may, at its discretion, determine time to be not billable but clients should always consider time for calls and meetings as billable, unless otherwise stated.

Non-Supported Communication Channels

Mobiles of Buzz Web Media team members – Buzz Web Media may call/text from mobile numbers, but all inbound calls should be directed to (02) 9057 9057. Text messages and voicemails to the mobiles of team members will be replied to at their discretion, but replies and further actions from these are not guaranteed so please use supported communication channels.
Social media messaging – social media is used as a marketing channel by Buzz Web Media. We do not offer support via the messaging functions on these platforms.

Fees for Client Initiated Phone / Video Calls and Meetings

Charged in 15 minute increments for calls and meetings related to projects:

  • $200 per hour plus GST for unscheduled calls.
  • $150 per hour plus GST if booked.
  • $300 per hour plus GST for calls and meetings requiring the attendance of more than one Buzz Web Media team member.

Travel time, if required, will be charged at no less than $100 per hour plus GST.

Fees For Consulting / Training

Consulting and training time with JP Hogbin or Lee Ussher may be booked and are billed/timed based on 30 minute increments:

  • Casual rate: $300 per hour plus GST.
  • Pre-pay 3 hours for $750 plus GST
  • Pre-pay 6 hours for $1350 plus GST
  • Pre-pay 12 hours for $1890 plus GST

Pre-paid hours must be used within 6 months.

Fees For Work

Excluding consulting and training, the following rates apply unless otherwise stated:

  • Casual rate: $150 per hour plus GST
  • Ongoing clients on recurring services exceeding $500 per month rate: $120 per hour plus GST
  • Pre-pay 5 hours for $600 plus GST (a 20% discunt).

Work is billed/timed in 15 minute increments. If you would like to jump the queue ahead of our other pre-booked work, the casual rate will apply.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise stated, invoices are payable within 7 days.

Late payment attracts a late fee equal to the greater of 5% of the invoice amount or $20 plus GST when payment is not received by the due date, with an extra late fee incurred for each month that the invoice remains unpaid.

To secure a consultation or training date and time, full payment is required a month prior to the date, and if within 30 days then immediate payment is required.

Recurring payments are via direct debit payment via EziDebit payment arrangement.