Cut through the inbox clutter & build long-term relationships with meaningful email conversations

With our email marketing solution you can engage your customers as individuals by responding to them based on what they do, or don’t do, with your emails and the pages they visit on your site automatically and at scale

Communication with your customers does not need to be generic

The tools for email marketing have become much more powerful, with your ability to track interactions now potentially triggers to send highly personalized marketing campaigns.

No longer do you have to send shotgun style campaigns, you can now send hyper-targeted messages to parts of you audience that are most likely to engage.

Segment based on actions

If you are smart about your email strategy there is a lot of information that you can use to segment people in your database. Past purchase history, email opens and clicks, pages they visit on your website all provide valuable information about your email list that you can use to segment and apply for targeted, relevant email campaigns.

Email Broadcasts

Want to send a weekly or monthly newsletter? Use a pre-configured template or we can customise a template to your needs, with the ability to drag and drop content modules to suit the needs of each broadcast.

Take it further using database segments to customise the content a subscriber receives to better target the needs of the individual.

Automatically engage with your contacts

Welcome emails, birthday emails, trigger campaigns from actions, sales follow-ups and more

A properly segmented database lets you identify the stage of the buyer journey individuals are at in your database, and the type of marketing messages they should receive.

Has someone just joined your database after downloading something from your website? This is a great opportunity to upsell them or to send them a welcome series introducing yourself.

Has someone purchased a product in the past and you now have a new related product? Send people emails based on past purchasing behaviour.
Even go so far as to send automated followup emails based on actions people took after your last email … did they click on a link, add a product to cart but not complete the purchase? Why would you not send them a follow up email to help them complete the purchase

Lead Scoring

Take full advantage of marketing automation to know when someone is ready for the next step. Assign values to actions taken by individuals to measure their degree of engagement … the more things they do, the greater the score.

Let lead scoring trigger automated emails or even prompt a call by one of your sales people.

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