Lead Generation for Coaches & Consultants

Want to talk to leads that are ready to go now?

We help coaches and consultants automate the process of pre-educating and pre-qualifying leads, and booking sales appointments with people ready to take action

Imagine what it would be like to do the same number of meetings, but close two and three times more clients.

Profits would explode, your business would be more stable, you could comfortably expand your team to handle the new business, and you could invest in systems to make sure your business continues to grow and stay profitable.

So what stands between you and this way of operating? Why are you still working long hours and missing valuable time with your family?

You need to stop doing so many meetings with people that you will never close.

Sure, you know what you can do for them, but some meetings are just not set up right and it feels like they have all of the power as you sit there pouring out all your knowledge and best ideas, justifying why they should work with you.

And at the end of the meeting, when they should be seeing all of the possibilities, they say, “Send me a proposal and I’ll have a think about it.”

If you’re the expert, and there is so much you can do for them, why are they in the driver’s seat? When your time is worth so much, why do they think that it should come for free?

Why don’t they, “Just get it”?

Let’s be honest…. In these situations they probably don’t know you, they can’t be sure that what you have is a fit for them, and they might not even think they have a problem, so why should they be falling over their feet to throw money at you?

You may be able to help anyone, but stop trying to work with everyone.

What do you think would happen if all of a sudden you were doing meetings with people that knew exactly what you did, and were meeting with you to find out if you felt they were a good fit for what you do?

What if you had a system set up that pre-educated people about what you do and how you do it, and if people saw possibilities for how you could help them achieve successful outcomes, then they book an appointment in your schedule.

And even before meeting with you, they had to complete a questionnaire that outlined all of the problems they are experiencing and need your help with?

This is when meetings become sales appointments, and from there, either they’re committing to working with you, or they’re paying for a strategy session to identify deliverables….no more free proposals.

…but to do this you need to be in front of the right people.

Maximum Marketing Leverage Framework

Get in front of the right people, and spend less time closing more clients

Our Maximum Marketing Leverage Framework is a process that effectively puts more time back in your day - you’ll be doing less meetings, but closing more new clients.

This is a system that can take your existing traffic and do more with it, or if you want to drive more traffic will explode your sales.

With this system in place you’ll be targeting the people you want to work with, and generating greater returns on investment from any marketing spend.

We leverage your marketing across 3 stages

Marketing Foundations

We work out who your ideal client is, the problems they face and what a successful outcome looks like for them, so you can develop a message that resonates with your ideal client and an offer that is just for them.


We make sure your website is credible, help you put together your lead magnet (the “ethical bribe” that will have people leave their email address) and architect your marketing funnel.

Amplify & Engage

Once you’re ready to convert, we help you amplify your message, attract your target market and keep them engaged through the buyer journey.

Services we apply to make sure the system works for you




Clients We Have Worked With

We have been helping brands achieve greater visibility online since 2010, from small businesses to large corporates and multinationals. Here are just a few.

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What They Say About Our Work

Working with Buzz Web Media was a game changer – their knowledge and ability to guide us through a website design and build, coupled with their genuine interest and commitment to making a real difference to our brand and online presence – gave me confidence, and ultimately ensured that I now trust them with all our work.
Kim McHugh,
Business Manager, Leading Humans

Are You Ready To Implement This Into Your Business?

We’re talking about a full system, so it’s important we work with people that are committed to the process

Discovery Call
Discovery Call

First up we're going to have you complete a questionnaire and schedule a time for a 20 minute call to work out if we’re a good fit

Growth Session
Growth Session

We’ll have a 2 hour growth session where we identify needs for your own Clients On Demand system


Commission us to develop a Growth Blueprint for you to execute yourself, or work with us to set it up for you

Free Video Training & Template

The Ultimate Automated Marketing System For Booking Sales Meetings

Find out how to build a lead generation system that filters out tyre-kickers so you are only dealing with fully qualified leads ready to take action