More Business from a Mobile Friendly Website

The real winners from the increase of smart phone users are businesses who have mobile friendly websites. Here is a list of reasons why from a recent survey

According to Google the real winners from the increase of smart phone users are businesses who have mobile friendly websites. Urgent service based businesses stand to gain more business from a mobile friendly website but quite often do not have one.

Google’s recent Mobile Ads blog released results which warned businesses that 61% of searchers using mobiles will leave a site if it is not mobile friendly to find an easier or quicker solution and 52% of users are less likely to engage with a business after a bad mobile website experience. The survey, conducted by Sterling Research and Smith Geiger, not surprisingly also found 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy after finding what they were looking for from a mobile friendly website as well as 74% of people being more likely to return to the mobile friendly website in the future.

So not only does a mobile friendly website give you the edge over your competitors, it is more likely to turn users into customers.

The businesses set to be big winners by optimising their website to be mobile friendly are the product and service delivery businesses. This is because of our consumer need to be satisfied quickly – whether it be in finding and ordering a pizza to calling a mechanic or doctor. Unfortunately, the very businesses that are set to make the greatest gains from having a mobile friendly website are generally the businesses barely functioning on a properly established website. With the increasing upward trend of mobile browser usage the question might be ‘should these industries be more focused on the functions of a mobile friendly website first?’

Overall with the increase of smart phones it will be critical for strong brands who are interested in nurturing their customer relationships to ensure they have a mobile friendly website for them to use – otherwise customers will search and use their competitor’s mobile friendly website instead!

The good news is that most web design firms should be providing responsive website solutions (websites that adapt to common browser sizes such as mobile).

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