Should You Invest in SEO To Make Sure People See Your Website?

If a website is expected to be a lead generating tool in your business then you should invest in SEO to make sure people see your website. Read these tips

When a business thinks of creating a website, having to compete with the staggering number of web pages already available seems like a futile task. What makes it possible for your website to rise from being buried several pages deep in the search engine results to the first page is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. If a website is expected to be a lead generating tool in your business then you should invest in SEO to make sure people see your website.

It is true; there are already tons of articles online giving tips and lessons on the basics of SEO. Many business owners often think they will be able to handle it themselves but fail to realise that keeping up with the changes to search engine algorithms, producing new content for their website and promoting their website takes time. Inevitably, despite all good intentions the SEO is not done. That is where the systemised approach of an SEO professional comes in.

Why Hire an SEO Company?

Through good SEO, a website will have increased internet visibility. Few people go past the first page of results for most internet searches and out of the top 10 results the first three generally get more than 50% of clicks. If the SEO is done properly, the ranking of a website will increase in search engine results, leading to more visitors and eventually this will turn into more actual customers who will spend on the product or service being sold.

SEO Takes Time

What should be made clear at once is that SEO does not come cheap. It takes plenty of time and effort to come up with an efficient SEO plan, and for that plan to come into fruition. The SEO process will typically include:

1. Identifying Business Goals

It is not simply about getting to the first page of a search engine result an SEO consultant will want to discuss exactly what a business aims to achieve. Identifying the precise target market, understanding what the target market is looking for, and finding the best way to deliver what they want are just some of the things that need to be discussed during the consultation.

2. Website Design

If a website is designed first before an SEO consultant is hired, it might be done without having crucial components like proper page linking in mind. The SEO consultant will have to check each page in the entire website to see its potential faults and strengths, and this can be a time-consuming process if the business has a large site.

The worst case scenario could mean having to tear down the whole website and create an entirely new one….sometimes the increased SEO work required to improve rankings due to a poorly built website is such that starting again will be the cheapest route in the long term.

3. Keyword Research

One of the essential elements of SEO is knowing which keywords (or search terms) people are actually looking for. Certain keywords are highly competitive, which means that much bigger and more established websites have already staked their claims on them. To use those same exact keywords for a new website would be a mistake, unless the company can match or exceed the resources of those on top. An SEO consultant will be able to identify viable keywords that have the potential for returning a positive return on investment and how they can be used as part of an SEO campaign.

4. Content Creation

New, quality content feeds the search engines as well as providing visitors what they are looking for. Search engines have a vested interest in ensuring that they deliver the most relevant content to their users and have become quite sophisticated in identifying low value content. If you do not invest in the quality of your content, your business will suffer through lower website visitors and lower conversion rates of visitor to customer.

Often content creation will be handled by your SEO consultant.

5. Link Building

Another important process in increasing prominence for a website is through finding other relevant sites that can link back to the website being promoted. Being part of a larger network increases the number of visitors, as it is exposed to a bigger audience. It also strengthens its credibility, as it has been given the trust of other credible sites. SEO specialists do the hard work of finding other sites that will assist in the promotion of a site.

6. Traffic Checking

Getting visits and generating interest on a website is different from earning money from the number of site visitors. The underlying reason for hiring SEOs is to profit off the attention given to the website by converting curious visitors to paying customers. Professional SEOs can track the quantity of people visiting and how many of those have started shelling out money as proof of their effect on boosting sales.

Credible SEO consultants will identify your target market and the related keywords that you have the potential to rank for within your budget and time frame. If it is done correctly, search engine optimisation is not a cost, but an investment in building your business and increasing your revenue.