How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are two ways to quickly optimise your LinkedIn profile for SEO ranking

Here are two ways to quickly optimise your LinkedIn profile for SEO ranking.

1. Customize your Linked In URL with your Name.

This will make your profile more likely to rank for searches of your name in the search engines as they look for key words in the URL. Without the numbers attached it’s also much easier to remember & appears nicer when it appears elsewhere.
eg My Linked In profile URL is
It is easy to do. Just follow these 3 steps:
1. Click on “Edit Profile” from the “Profile” dropdown menu (in the top navigation bar after you have logged into LinkedIn Account).
2. Click on “Edit” in the “Change Public Profile Settings” in the right hand section.
This will open a page that will show you your current URL and will allow you to update that address.
Most custom URLs begin with You are able to add what will appear after the “” to customize it to your needs. eg, John Doh could customize his URL to read “”.
Some countries will replace the www. with the country you are in eg, If you registered your account in the United Kingdom, “www” would be replaced with the country code and appear as “”.
3. Click on the “Set Address” button once you have entered your custom URL and you are finished.

2. Add Custom Anchor Text to Links.

You can have 3 links on your profile to websites. Use them.
The search engines give authority rankings to links – so the more your link’s text relates to your content then this will assist in a websites ranking. By customising the anchor text of these links you can get the most out of search engines when they consider listing you.
eg if you want a video on social media branding to rank then make sure that text is IN the link.