Don’t Forget Those Great Blog Article Ideas!

Here’s a simple little WordPress plugin that will help you manage your blog ideas. It even tracks useful website links for future reference

So you have a blog on your site and every now and then you sit down to write a great article that your readers are going to love. The only problem is when you sit down you find you have writer’s block.

The best thing is not to leave it until you have to write to get the ideas going. Have a system in place to record any ideas as they come to you. You can keep a notebook, use your phone or iPad or, if you are using WordPress, here is a great solution…

“Ideas” WordPress Plugin

Rather than creating draft posts for your ideas (I’ve got plenty of draft posts I have never got back to), this plugin creates a custom post type for your ideas.

The beauty of this is that they don’t get mixed up with your posts that are ready to go and you wont accidentally publish one of your ideas in progress.

As you can see from the following screenshot, the plugin creates a very simple interface that simply consists of a title, your thoughts for the idea and a field to include any links related to the idea.

Saving An Idea For Later with "Ideas" WordPress plugin

 All of your ideas can then be viewed in one place rather than sorting through old Post drafts.

View all your blog ideas in one place with "Ideas" WordPress plugin

It is a very simple idea but a great way to keep your ideas organised. If you like the Idea of this plugin then you can see it here