Why that fancy slider on your website is a turn off

Those big fancy home page sliders you are so proud of are creating a major user experience problem. If they are such a problem, why are there so many websites with a big carousel slider at the top of the home page? I think it is mostly because it is easier for website...

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How to market to a niche without losing everyone else

When you are just starting out, chances are you are happy to have any work that walks in the door. You’ll take on customers that are everything from an absolute breeze to those that push you for a rock-bottom price that you regret agreeing to come the end of the...

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Is “SEO” hurting your website conversions?

The inspiration for this blog post was an SEO/Google Adwords enquiry where their current provider has been telling them they need more content on pages, particularly their home page. The funny thing is that their home page already had so much content that it had...

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