Use Ready-To-Go Frase AI Tools Or Create Your Own For Short-Form Content

See how quickly you can create short-form content with Frase's AI tools - product descriptions, social media posts, emails... it's all easy!

Frase is great for producing and SEO-optimising content against the top 20 search results for your keywords, but the same AI technology they use for your long form content also works very well for short form content – from product descriptions, to social media posts, to emails.

You can learn all about Frase on their website.

With Frase’s AI tools you can choose an AI tool created by Frase, one shared by another Frase user to the community, or create and train your own AI tool to get exactly what you want in a matter of seconds.

In the video above I explore the Frase AI tools and show how to create an AI tool that will create product descriptions from only two prompts – the product title and your keywords.


0:00 Intro to Frase and AI tools
0:43 Using one of Frase’s AI tools to create a product description with a feature list from 2 simple prompts
4:05 Creating a custom AI tool (and training it to your own requirements)

Frase uses the GPT-3 API (like ChatGPT) but has a better process for helping you produce content that is more likely to rank in search engines. It comes with pre-done prompts and templates for creating content, as well as giving you the ability to save your own AI templates. Starts from $USD15/month with a 5 day trial for $1.