Maximum Marketing Leverage Consultation

Have your sales dropped, or do you want to go after a new market?

Book a 1 hour consult to work out what you need to focus on now to get the best marketing results in this new economy. Discounted now to $99
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While your competitors are falling victim to COVID-19, this one hour consult will give you clarity on what you should be doing now to market your business. We don’t know what the long term impact of this virus will be, but we do know we need to rethink the way we do business.

Maximum Marketing Leverage System Walk Through

There are 9 points of leverage to successfully market your business. Each point can have a powerful impact on your business, but when you have all 9 working together the results are massive..

2. Your Marketing Foundation

The foundational work that is critical to crafting a message that targets your most ideal clients, and gets rid of people that are not the right fit.

3. Building Your Core
Marketing Assets

This is about setting your digital presence up for success. Your landing page(s), and ideally your website, are critical to your marketing efforts. If you do it wrong, all the time and money spent on your marketing comes to nothing.

4. Amplifying & Engaging

How to generate traffic to your offer, the type of content you should be producing and how to produce it, and using email automation and retargeting to increase conversions.

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