Google+ Business Page – Setting It Up Is Easy!

I just went through the steps to creating my Google+ Business Page and setting it up was easy! If you already have a Google+ Profile Account you can create one now by following these really easy steps.

Step 1
Click on this link which will take you to my Google+ Page. Google may ask you to log in first depending on your settings.

Step 2
On the left side bar you will see a link “Create A Google+ Page” to create your own.

Before you do though be sure to add my page to your circles by clicking the link in the top right corner! That way you’ll stay in touch with any more updates I have to share with you later ㋡

Step 3
This is where it starts to feel very familiar to Facebook Pages. You will be asked to go through a series of questions such as choosing a category, your name, adding a little info and a profile image. Then lastly the post. It is important to note here that if you do have a street or PO Box address then use local as it add your business to Google Maps which obviously is good for business!

Switch Back To Profile:
After you have created your page it looks very much the same as the Google Profile. To switch back and forth from being your Page or Profile click on the House (Home) icon along the top. Next to your image is a drop down menu to change how you use Google+. Select the user you wish to display as.

Sharing You Page:
Under your image when you are using Google+ as your page there is a ‘Getting Started’ link. Here you will see links to ways to display your Google business on your website or the URL link you need to share.

Look forward to ‘circling’ with you all and maybe when we get enough of us on line at the same time we can create a ‘hangout’ for a test drive!

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