Social Media Marketing – What Aspects Matter the Most

Social Media Marketing is a must for business today so understand the two aspects of social media in order to profit and brand your business appropriately.

Social Media Marketing has really heated up to be almost considered a MUST for any business to increase their profits, exposure of branding or publicising of promotions and deals.

While using popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are only some of the giants being used to market businesses, it must be done in such a strategic way so the marketing will not have the reverse effect and your business known for all the wrong reasons.

There are two aspects to using social media:
1. Marketing – sharing information about your business, it’s services and products. This may be in the way of new product launches, promotions and seasonal specials, sharing business events through images, video and postings.
2. Communications – involving a target audience to interact and converse with you through informative content about your niche industry via video, posts or images, the use of surveys and feedback on products or services.

The mistake a lot of businesses make is focusing on the marketing in a platform that should focus on the communications – which is what social sites are all about. The other pitfall businesses find themselves in is automating the wrong aspects (or all aspects) and not attending to their followers appropriately or if at all. Automating some aspects to save time is generally accepted and widely used by most businesses but it is important to decide which areas to automate and knowing what messages you should write to be automated or scheduled.

When a customer tells us in person they are happy or not happy we don’t ignore them, and it should be the same online – if you treat your customers feedback with the same value as you do offline then responding to them and thanking them in the social arena is going to be in front of a much larger audience and exposure than face to face in your store. It doesn’t take a genius to work out which ‘word of mouth’ is going to be more powerful.

The ultimate goal of using social media marketing is just that – building your image as trustworthy, reliable and willing to listen. A business that does this will have very loyal customers who remember you and refer you naturally throughout their fastly growing lists of friends in these social sites.

If you’re concerned about making any of the above mentioned mistakes or pitfalls, or just want advice about setting up an appropriate social media management system and any possible training – send me an email. I am always happy to arrange a call and talk about the best possible social media management strategies for your business.