A Social Media Manager – When to Hire One

Use a Social Media Strategist to create your business a Social Media Marketing plan. Learn to avoid the time wasting social tasks or automating the wrong ones.

Business Owners understand the usefulness and power of advertising through interaction on Social Media sites. The most successful are those that interact and respond naturally with their fans… so the biggest damage a business owner can do is to automate the wrong aspects of their ‘social profile’ or worse still forget to pay attention to their profiles and therefore their fans altogether.

It is easy for the smartest of businesses to fall into either of these traps, having had the best intentions in the beginning, but then not able to monitor and provide the time to manage their social site interactions – unless at the expense of time they should be committing to what they do best – their business.

Those businesses who decide Social Media Marketing is going to be a great form of building and maintaining relationships with their customers will at some point have to assess how they will in the long term manage these profiles and the information that is shared on them. The best person to help them assess what possible solutions are available is to speak to a Social Media Strategist or Specialist.

There are many more options available to a business other than outsourcing the maintenance to a Social Media Manager, such as; hiring a Virtual Assistant for a few hours a week, using Social Media Management Software to automate back-end time sapping activities or lesser interactive social site components, or training current staff members to be responsible for content and sharing within their expertise areas of your business (like the concept of guest bloggers adding articles to your website). These are only some solutions and may be considered as more cost effective or better options for those businesses not wanting to let go of the reins and outsourcing the responsibility entirely.

By talking to a Social Media Strategist about the role of Social Media Marketing in your business they will assess your businesses situation based on the budget you want to allocate and help you plan out your businesses marketing strategy just like any other part of a long term growth plan.

If you are interested in knowing more about what I can do for your business as a Social Media Strategist then send me an email providing your contact details and I”ll be happy to arrange a talk with you.