Attract More Business With The Perfect Social Profile Pic

Having a professional social profile pic in today’s world of social media searching and recruiting is more than every your most vital marketing tool

We have all heard the saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, and in today’s world of digital search and recruit, the social profile pic has become a very important digital marketing tool. It is usually the first thing a person sees and makes judgements about what kind of person you are to work with.

Using a professional photo to sell yourself and stand out from the crowd isn’t a new concept. Resumes have always converted better when a photo is attached. It is a way to share a message about what kind of person you are to work with. It builds familiarity and trust before a face to face meeting.

How professional your appearance is can also be a reflection of how professional you are to work with. Well groomed, tidy hair, neat clothes tells a person you are organised, pay attention to detail and care. And a smile is welcoming, a wide grin could mean you are confident. Avoid the standard head shot unless you are going for boring. Basically the message you present is that conversations with you are likely to be boring and your work is probably pretty ordinary. Or worse still, you can’t be bothered to put any thought into it and your standards are ‘it will do’.

So pause for a moment and think about what your social profile pic tells others about you.

Is it sharing the right message to attract the right people you want to work with?

Is there a hint of personality that intrigues

Any creative thought or effort added to stand out from the rest – and ‘sell’ you?

Spending time to create the perfect social profile pic is worth it when most people start their search online. Even when we receive referrals we pull out the phone to search the name to find a way to connect.

To help you create that perfect social profile pic, and display your most ‘professional side’, here’s LinkedIn’s 7 tips:

¬†LinkedIn’s 7 #WorkSelfie Tips:

1. Use a non distracting background

2. Use natural light

3. Use a decent camera

4. Consider the angle

5. Wear a colour to pop

6. Be off centre

7. No cliche face pose