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We all see our friends updates in our news feed - but what if you wanted to see somebody's updates you don't really know yet or admire as a mentor in your news feed? Well the Facebook Subscribe Button means now you can.

We all see our friends updates in our news feed – but what if you wanted to see somebody’s updates you don’t really know yet or admire as a mentor in your news feed? Well the Facebook Subscribe Button means now you can.
Just like Twitter & Google+ you can now choose to ‘subscribe’ to have a person’s updates in your news feed if they allow posts to be displayed to the public without actually being accepted as a friend. If a person has switched it on you will see it in the top right hand corner next to the message button to subscribe to them:

To switch it on in your settings you should see underneath your profile picture the subscribed. When you click on it – it will prompt you to allow subscribers which will then place the button on your own profile in the top right corner (click on View Page if you want to see it). This will then add another link underneath your profile picture called ‘Subscribers’ – which is the number of people subscribed to the updates you choose to share with the public.Like an RSS feed to a blog, you can decide to see all of the persons updates, like you would see all of a persons tweets in Twitter if you follow them. Or you can select via the drop down menu, under the subscribe button, to see most or only important updates.

The new Facebook Subscribe Button will truly make our profile just as important as our fan page if you are a speaker, author entertainer or any other public figure, and still would prefer to keep your ‘friends’ strictly friends, family & close business associates. Because it allows you to broaden your conversation within the Facebook community like Twitter & Google, while reserving personal updates for select people you know well, by using the icon in your status bar under the update you’re about to share to decide who sees the update.

The people who benefit the most are those who are happy to have a fairly open wall to the public because their profile is predominantly used to allow fans or possible business networks to get to know who they are a little. It means people who are interested in them can now follow them like they would their blog. So every time the  profile shares an update with the public it will now be in the followers news feed instead of them manually having to go to the profile’s wall to see.

The new Facebook subscribe button is also another strong reason why you would display yourself as the business owner on your fan page. When in small business, people tend to do business with people they know. Not always, if your business page is trading as a business, does it allow your fans to get to know you as the owner. This is especially the case if you’re a consultant or franchisee of a business that restricts you from having your own fan page but uses one central branded fan page for all franchisees or consultants. The power of the subscribe button for the franchisee’s or consultant’s is that it will allow them to connect with those clients that want to stay in touch with them specifically, rather than via a company fan page because you can set it to send you a notification of new subscribers. You can read more about the benefits of displaying your profile as the owner on your fan page here.

When you do switch on to allow subscribers, you can decide if the subscriber can comment or not as well. If you switch it on, I highly recommended that you make sure you have in your account settings notifications of comments switched on as well. This is so you can monitor any possible spam comments added under those public updates being seen by your friends for too long.

There is nothing like a little bit of threatening competition from Google+ that gets Facebook rolling out important changes like this one, but if you do need personal advice on how you can benefit from this change then by all means contact me. Or if you would like to be notified when I run one of my next workshops about “Getting Started” or using “Advanced Strategies” then you can register your details by clicking here.

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