15 Instagram Competition Post Ideas

Instagram competitions & games are used to increase engagement & exposure to gain more followers, more brand awareness & more sales. Here’s 15 ideas

Instagram competitions & games are used to increase engagement in order to gain more exposure, therefore more followers, more brand awareness and potentially more sales leads.

It is based on the fact that more comments means more engagement, which means posts are considered more relevant by the social network algorithm, and therefore potentially gain more exposure on the home and hashtag feeds over other posts. In the past this growth idea was very popular on Facebook to increase business exposure.

It is important to be wary not to over use these kinds of gimmick post ideas unless it is highly relevant to your business. Instagram competitions and games are always fun the first time, but then our interest to play wanes. So, to help you keep people interested by ‘mixing it up’ with different creative ideas, we have listed a few post ideas to use.

1. Best caption wins a free {insert service} session i.e. mentoring, training, planning, business

2. Tell us in 25 words or less why you deserve this {insert service or product}

3. Tag someone you know who needs this as much as you – most heart votes wins {insert service or product}

4. ‘This or That’ debates: crust or no crust sandwich, Coke v’s Pepsi, writing v’s typing, coffee v’s tea, dog v’s cat person? snow v’s sun? iPhone v’s Android?

5. Questions: Consider popular topics people ALWAYS have an opinion on, such as food, pets, travel, cars, technology i.e. how do you take your coffee? 3 ice cream toppings – what would they be? What was your best holiday destination? What is the longest you have been without your phone? What can’t you live without? What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

6. Find a word: what is the first word you see

7. Sentence scramble: add the first number, food item, place you see, & your bestie in this sentence: “I ate {no.} {food} at {place} with {friend}

8. Multiple choice & polls

9. Use of unique hashtag for challenges or competitions to be in ‘top posts’ to win (meaning most likes/votes)

Story Games

Instagram stories has a lot of game features built into it. By clicking on them you will be given a heap of ideas to run

10. Polls
11. Quizzes
12. Temperature voting
13. Challenges
14. Questions

Instagram Story Engagement Game Features

Also, any of the suggested ideas I have already listed for Instagram posts could easily be adapted and used with Instagram’s built in Story game features, too.

One Story Game that has become very popular to create virility, and worth explaining, is:

15. Bingo Boards.

We all know what a bingo board with numbers looks like – now remove the numbers and replace it with activities. See our example below.

Instagram Bingo Game

Often this idea is used for health and wellness industries to challenge friends into staying fit or eat healthy. A great source to access free Bingo Board ideas and templates is on Canva.com

Basically people mark on the image one thing they did and tag others in the story to play, who then share (or screenshot) your Story with their own game turn and tag you and anyone else they may want to challenge. Sound simple? As you can guess, the more people you tag the more games you will have running consecutively – and that could get confusing! But ultimately it reaches a lot of people.

Now that you have a heap of Instagram competition and give away ideas, it is a worth spending time to consider how you will use them strategically, as part of your social media content plan. There is no point increasing engagement and traffic unless you have purpose. If you need help creating a content plan to follow use our contact form to tell us a little about yourself.