Why Pin Comments on Instagram Posts & Live Videos

Learn how to pin comments on Instagram posts and live videos and understand why it is a valuable marketing tool to take advantage of.

We all know how important the first 3 seconds is to grab someone’s attention. So being able to choose which 3 comments are pinned for all to see, on your Instagram posts and live videos, is a valuable marketing feature to take advantage of.

It must be noted that the original purpose of this new feature (and the ability to restrict who can tag you), was to combat cyber social bullying, and assist users to maintain a focus on positive conversations. Time will tell if this helps.

But for businesses and influencers, this feature is another great way to amplify their brand awareness in so many new ways. Listed below is a few we have already thought of to use with our clients, but as we become aware of more, we will endeavour to update the list.

The Hashtags Comment

Many Instagram users prefer to add their list of up to 30 hashtags in the first comment after posting for various reasons. The downside is it was always the first comment people had to scroll past to read any other comments on posts. But now pinning comments will give users who like using the hashtag comment strategy an option to pin other comments to the top, and the hashtag comment becomes less visible.

Competitions & Games

This new feature will no doubt open up fresh game ideas that encourages comments, i.e. The 3 responses that get the most heart interactions will be pinned as the winners. We all know more comments means more engagement, which then means your post is considered more relevant and will gain more exposure on the home and hashtag feeds. But be wary of over using this idea – it’s always fun the first time. If you are seeking post competition ideas read our article on ‘15 Instagram Competition Post Ideas‘.

Highlight a Reply to Common Questions

Pinning a common question to the top with your reply attached to it, is a great way to avoid others asking the same question over and over in the thread. It is the perfect time-saving solution for other readers to see the pinned comment & your reply.

Client Testimonials

As consumers, we all highly value what others have to say about your business service or products over what you yourself have to say. Especially when they are on digital platforms where the reviewer’s genuine profile displays, such as on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. So it is a great idea to encourage purchase feedback from customers and clients, you know are active on Instagram, by giving them the post link and asking for a review. Then pin the best to the top, so they are highly visible to new readers interested in knowing more about you.

Continue the Conversation

Although character limited, Instagram does allow for rather lengthy posts, but sometimes the formatting restrictions can be frustrating – especially when you want to add lists, tips or questions that can create confusing conversations to follow when all the responses are jumbled in one thread together. The feature to pin 3 comments does lend itself to the savvy curator who wants to plan core content in the post that could be split into 2-3 parts, and then use the pinned comments to ask for separate feedback on each part i.e. A crude way to run a poll or get feedback on 3 topic ideas people may want to learn more about, or list 3 tips and ask people how they have used them by adding their reply to the relevant comment.

So now that you have been filled with ideas on how to benefit from pinning comments on Instagram posts, lets actually just quickly explain how to find it and use it (in case you don’t know yet).

How to pin a comment on Instagram post?

– Go to one of your posts with comments attached.

– Choose a comment you want to feature at the top.

– Swipe left on the comment then tap the thumbtack icon

Pinning Comment on Instagram

– Tap ‘Pin Comment’.

This comment will now sit at the top under the post above all other comments.

Repeat these steps to pin a maximum of 3 comments at the top if you like.

If you change your mind about which post to pin, you can unpin the comment by tapping the ‘X’ icon on the right of the pinned comment.

How to pin a comment on Instagram live video?

– Tap on your profile picture in the top left to start a live video

– Tap on any comment

– Tap ‘Pin Comment’

FYI: you can add a comment yourself and pin it.

Why would you pin a comment on live videos you may ask?

We saved the best for last…

Not everyone sees your live video from the beginning, so for those that join your video midstream, pinning a comment to display throughout the video will help viewers understand what the video and comments are all about. This will not only improve the chances of them staying to watch longer but increases your opportunity to connect with new viewers and increase your following, engagement – and of course reach.

Flip side Benefits

Not only will pinning comments to your posts be a great new strategy, to help you market your business, but consider taking the time to leave comments on relevant profiles you network with too. Where you add value will be recognised and highlighted.

And this comes back to my core message about how to build a genuine profile of influence on social media by becoming recognised as a ‘go to’ industry resource because the strongest work you convert will come from referrals and word of mouth – so create it by supporting your social networks with valuable comments. They will be seen by their readers, especially if they are pinned as a top comment.

As more people become aware of this feature, the more people will use it. So jump in and be the early bird who gets the worm, before you become just another fish in the ocean. The sooner you position yourself by dropping your golden nuggets of wisdom, tips and support, the faster you will drive the possibility to be seen as an industry authority to follow.