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Why You Must Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that university graduates and industry leaders use to network with like minded people. Find out why you must be on LinkedIn today.

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Social Media Marketing: What Sites Are Most Effective?

Most businesses create profile accounts on many social sites without actually thinking about the goal or structure of how they are going to effectively use it as a social media marketing strategy. A lot of time & money can be wasted without a plan or knowing what sites are most effective for your business to carry out that plan.

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Social Profiles – How Professional is Yours?

If you’re using social accounts for a business purpose it is VITAL that the person behind the business looks like they’re IN business. People select the businesses they work with generally based on the people they meet or are referred to. How professional is your social profile?

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Taking Online Marketing To Offline Networking

Many businesses create an online social media presence to add value and improve cash flow. When it doesn’t work, they say online marketing fails and go back to offline networking. What they don’t understand is the ‘profile’ alone isn’t the marketing tool, but what you do with it. Taking online marketing to offline networking is a key to that success.

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Twitter, Facebook & Your Next Business Expo Event

We all attend business expos & conferences to network with other stall holders, to increase our clients and improve our brand awareness in the marketplace. But to reach a larger audience than what you can physically speak to on the day have you thought to post & tweet what your business is doing on your stall as it happens on the day?

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Blogging: How Does It Provide More Traffic To my Website?

A blog is a ‘tool’ so ‘how you use it’ depends on how effective it is in driving traffic to your website.

If you want your website to give more content by adding new or better detailed information on your business topic regularly then blogging is a good idea.

A blog can depict you or your business as experts in the industry you work in. Sharing any valuable insights or resources displays an expertise in your business topic that your customers are likely to be searching online for to know more about.

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Facebook Tops Monthly Page Views

Facebook gets a lot of traffic as it delivers a lot of engaging material but this chart from the Business Insider should leave no doubt in any businesses minds as to whether they should be thinking about whether to bother becoming a part of the Social Media world.

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How Social Media Data is Impacting your SEO Ranking

If you’re not interested in using Social Media Marketing directly to increase your customer lists or branding and still only want to use SEO Marketing to increase your website ranking in order to drive traffic to your business you may want to rethink your strategy because when Danny Sullivan in December interviewed the Google Algorithm Team they had to answer many questions surrounding:
“Is Social Media Sites playing a role in a businesses website ranking?”

This led to Matt Cutts creating a video to answer the very same question to clear up the confusion. I’ve added the video for you to watch.

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Do’s And Dont’s of Using Social Media Marketing

Most businesses start an online presence with their website and then start the big job of actively advertising online by adding new content regularly to keep it listed in the search engines. Another alternative is to pay for Adwords so that others will find that website. But why spend all that money over and over again trying to gain new customers to a website when you could be duplicating the websites presence all over the internet for free?

Social Networking through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger and other social networking sites is a very cost effective and time efficient way to build awareness and compel potential clients to check out your website too.

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Websites Are No Longer Enough!!!

The ‘tech’ generation is now fast becoming the larger part of the spending population and it’s now become the norm to shop online. So it scares me to think some businesses out there still choose not to go where their customers want to be…

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