Is “SEO” hurting your website conversions?

The inspiration for this blog post was an SEO/Google Adwords enquiry where their current provider has been telling them they need more content on pages, particularly their home page. The funny thing is that their home page already had so much content that it had...

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6 Steps To A Successful Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords like all of your marketing should be considered an investment not a cost and, like all investments, needs to be well considered to generate the returns you are after. Typically, when I speak to people about Google Adwords and they flat out say they...

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Establishing Your Authority With Content Marketing

Let’s not kid ourselves…most of us cannot claim to be the only one that can service our customers’ needs. There is going to be at least one other business within 1 to 10 minutes drive that is offering the same product or service, so why should a...

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