Will Google be telling visitors your website is insecure?

Come July, 2018 as much as 60% of your traffic could be told your website is not secure. Are you prepared for the change to Google Chrome?

In just a couple of months, Google is going to start labelling your website as not secure for up to 60% of the visitors to your website (source: Cloudflare). Many other web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox have similar plans in the works.

SSL Status Google Chrome

This means that you need a plan in place to have an SSL certificate set up for your website so it works with https and is labelled as secure.

How do you know if you have an SSL certificate set up?

I’ve already checked and unfortunately you don’t have it set up yet. Just open up your website and if you see the green padlock you know your website is already good to go:

Secure Website - Green Padlock

The good news is that a lot of web hosts are providing access to free SSL providers, and the change to HTTPS is relative easy.

If you need assistance with making the change over then we are happy to help.

If you aren’t already running with HTTPS, then it’s possible you have not touched your website in some time and are perhaps even thinking of updating your site, so definitely get in touch if you would like to talk about your vision for a new website.