One Audience, One Problem, One Solution – The Key to Closing Business When People Don’t Care About You

Is your market shrinking? Are you doing less sales? Now’s the time to think different about marketing if you want to be considered a priority when everyone is focused on “essentials”

Video transcription:

Right now we are being forced to do everything different. We’re not doing face-to-face meetings, huge numbers of the workforce are working from home, companies are having to re-evaluate cashflow and logistics, and how they remain viable through this time.
This means:

  1. At work we are working out how to keep our businesses running.
  2. At home we are thinking about making sure we minimise exposure for our families, how to get household essentials that are flying off the supermarket shelves as soon as they’re put out, and new or potential financial stress.

Every one of us as individuals has a lot on their plate now, and very little bandwidth to be looking at new things.

The result….

For many businesses your product or service is not considered a priority, so right now there are the same number of competitors chasing a smaller pool of business. And this smaller pool of business may not even know they need you because your marketing message has not changed.

Right now you need to up the urgency factor of doing business with you. This is not about, “Buy our product or Coronavirus will get you.” This is about understanding your audience and their priorities, and adjusting your message to suit.

You can’t afford to be generic with your marketing.

A perfect example of this are websites and landing pages. Across many industries:

  • The best home pages deliver 2% conversion
  • The worst landing pages deliver 10% conversion

Why do home pages convert so poorly? Because they are general and have too many call-to-actions.

On the other hand, landing pages focus on a particular client avatar, “the ideal client”, a particular problem and the solution to that problem.

So right now start thinking specificity for your marketing:

  • One audience
  • One problem
  • One solution

So if you’re in the position of redefining your marketing message, go back to Marketing 101

Identify and define your ideal client….

  • What problems are they facing, both external and internal?
  • What does success look like for them?
  • How do you deliver a successful outcome?

Now this might be a lot, and pulling all of this together into your marketing may create a level of complexity that leads to procrastination.

So I’d like to provide you with our Customer Transformation Journey worksheet.

This is a one pager that we use with our clients when we are building custom websites, landing pages and marketing campaigns.

When completed, this one page worksheet then becomes your go to for writing your elevator pitch, landing page copy, marketing emails, video storylines….every piece of new content.

This gives you the framework to redefine your message, so while everyone else is focused on plugging holes in the bucket, you can elevate your service or product to a necessity.

Download Customer Transformation Journey Worksheet

The unfortunate reality is that many businesses cannot operate during this time, but for the rest of us it is about pivoting, and even recognising opportunities to do business better. Turn off the news, ignore all of the doom and gloom, and think different!