Is It Possible to Get Clients Without Cold Outreach?

Want to generate a consistent stream of client leads without cold outreach? Try these strategies to start getting better results from your marketing

Business owners may agree that one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a business is getting and maintaining clients. There are several ways to do this in the digital marketing day and age—one of which is by doing cold outreach. This is essentially the digital equivalent of making a cold call! It remains to be one of the most dreaded tasks in sales and may leave business owners wondering if there are other effective ways to do lead generation marketing.

Fortunately, cold outreaches are not the only method for businesses to get clients, and entrepreneurs can still generate sales leads without cold calling or emailing. Here are some ways that you can effectively generate leads besides sending emails out to potential clients:

Lead Generation as the Lifeline of a Business

In digital marketing, lead generation is the most vital step in transforming your target market into paying customers. While a lead very well may be an inbound phone enquiry off the back of your online marketing, it could also be someone submitting an online enquiry, booking a meeting, or just opting in to your newsletter or to receive some free resource you are offering. The task of business owners is to guide these leads through their marketing and sales process, turning them into purchasing customers and long-time clients.

Getting Clients Without Using the Cold Outreach Method

1. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective techniques to attract clients to your business through content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. People love good content, and with the right strategy, your business website, Google listings, and social media pages can become excellent lead sources for your business. These are also good opportunities for warm calls or emails and often have a higher conversion rate as compared to cold outreach.

2. Try Warm Outreach Methods

Businesses always risk annoying prospects with cold calls, not only because of the call itself but because no previous relationship has been established! Receiving a call or an email from a brand that one has never seen or heard from might not pan out very well.

Looking for warm accounts to contact is far more beneficial because these are people who have already engaged with your business in some way—whether that’s your website, through previous emails, or exposure to your online content. Pay attention to where these prospects have interacted with your business; if they keep coming back to your blog or looking at your contact information, you can leverage these insights to open a conversation. These don’t just apply to individuals but to companies as well.

Many marketing automation strategies and tools handle this for you. If you interact with a website that you have previously shared details with, you may have noticed just how specific the emails you receive start becoming – this is because for every interaction with that company’s email and website, they are gathering more and more information, giving the smart marketer the opportunity to really personalise the messaging based on your behaviour.

Even if you have not shared your details, advertising platforms will allow website owners to target advertising to people that have been on their website, even allowing targeting based on actions you have, or have not, taken on particular pages. You’ve probably noticed yourself being targeted with ads after looking at flights and holiday options, or after visiting and looking at particular products on an ecommerce site.

3. Maintain a Strong Online Presence

Being active online is one of the best ways to engage with your prospects. Understanding where your market is, what they’re reading, and who they’re following will provide plenty of information on what content you can produce that will be value-adding and attractive for your potential clients.

We have articles published 5-10 years ago that are still generating enquiries!

4. Re-Engage Older Clients & Opportunities

Older opportunities that didn’t push through or clients that are no longer as engaged are an easy source of new business. This is also applicable to those who have moved onto another competitor, as there’s a possibility they may not have been completely satisfied with their experience! Despite them moving, it could still be worth a try to gain them back. Lost or stalled opportunities can be followed-up every six months or so.

For old clients, it’s good to find out how things have developed since your last conversation and whether they’d be open to engaging with you again, or if they are an ongoing client what changes you might make to the service they are already receiving.

Managing Your Leads

Maintaining leads gained throughout different methods is part of guiding your prospect through the marketing sales funnel. It’s important to understand the different touchpoints in your business and nurture leads through the process until they are ready to buy. It can be quite complicated and this is where marketing automation and CRM tools are important.

Investing in a company that provides digital marketing services, including CRM software, can help you streamline the process. They will be able to help you focus on leads that most resemble the ideal clients you wish to target. Remember, specific targeting and messaging will allow you to get more value from your lead lists.


Getting new clients is no easy feat, especially for small businesses. However, knowing your options and having the right strategies in place will enable your business to generate more leads from different sources and turn them into clients. Whether that’s reaching out to warm contacts or focusing on inbound marketing, leads using these methods are going to be a lot warmer, and take less work to convert than with a cold outreach method.

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