How Blogging Can Boost Thought Leadership

If you’re wanting to build authority, improve your search engine rankings and fuel your social media marketing, here’s what your blogging can do for you

The year 2020 drove most business across the globe to function online only and forced many regular businesses to focus on developing a digital marketing strategy in order to stay afloat. Not only was it the year of explosive growth in online shopping, but service based businesses had to quickly consider how they would generate new business after common offline strategies became virtually non existent. So many discovered the importance of brand leadership marketing and invested time in blogging and redirected budgets to focus on building a content marketing strategy that would produce new enquiries over the long term.

Whilst a lot of businesses took advantage of producing videos to distribute across social media, an incredible cornerstone of any content marketing strategy is blogging. Both blogging and vlogging allows you to freely express your ideas and provide valuable information to your current and potential clients, and of course they both can tie in perfectly with your search engine marketing and social media marketing strategies.

However, the beautiful advantage blogging has over videoing in such shifting times is that it is not expensive to produce, is easier to edit later to remain relevant as your business shifts with growth. But unless you administer a strategic marketing plan, your blogging efforts will have very limited success in lifting your brand as a thought leader.

If you remain unconvinced about what value blogging can do to set you apart from competitors as a thought leader, here are the most important benefits it can offer.

Blogging demonstrates your expertise in your field

Nowadays, the competition is so rough that it is not enough to say you are the best option on the market. You must continually prove your worth to your target market by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your field.

Blogging is the best way to do this. Through your written content, you can talk about all the ways you can use your products and services to be of help to the client. Essentially, you would be providing long answers to their questions on search engines. With the majority of internet users reading blogs regularly, this is not an opportunity you can let pass.

Researching for your blog topics can allow you to keep abreast of trends

To regularly publish content that is relevant to your users and their interests, you need to do extensive research on the trends within your industry. This can give you wonderful insights as to the direction of your brand and company. It might even allow you to predict how the market will go, which can set up your reputation as a leader in the field.

This foresight is not only valuable to you but your customers as well. Accurate prediction of certain trends will also boost your credibility; your blog might end up linked in other credible websites. Not only does this play into good word-of-mouth, but it benefits your SEO rankings as well.

Your blog can build customer loyalty

One of the best ways to earn the loyalty of your customers is to continuously pique their interest. Once you set yourself up as a reliable source of meaningful information, your readers and customers might end up looking forward to your blogs. Coupled with your other marketing strategies, you could create a reliable and effective method for gathering leads and converting them into loyal paying clients.

It might even lead to customers who are incredibly vocal about your brand on social media, and nothing is better for your profile than others reinforcing the value you add. After all, nothing is more appealing to prospective buyers than positive feedback from incredibly satisfied customers.

Final thoughts

The internet is an incredibly competitive and unforgiving environment. It can be difficult to set yourself apart, but it is possible. First and foremost, it involves knowing what your customers and clients are interested in, what their problems are and providing the answers they need, and then reaping all the benefits for being the trusted person who helped them.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help turn your brand into a thought leader, book a discovery call with us at Buzz Web Media. We love learning the nuances of your business and developing a strategy that will work for you.