Creating Community Ripples Creates Business

Understand the value of cause marketing and how creating community ripples creates business and strong client relationships

At Buzz Web Media we understand the huge power of giving to grow – creating community ripples to create business. Creating and nurturing relationships of genuine interests has a flow on effect you wouldn’t understand unless you are already investing time doing it. But what does this have to do with online marketing???


If you are in business – micro, small, medium or corporate this post IS RELEVANT if business growth and new leads is why you use online marketing! And charities, organisations, foundations and causes all need marketing support and generally have smart business owners behind their development.

At Buzz Web Media, what we know can help a huge amount of causes get heard. We know, the access to staff resources we have, can drastically reduce the cost of marketing for a lot of great causes.

So instead of just donating to reduce our taxes we choose to get involved where we see a marketing need and a personal fit. Not only does it add value to exposing the causes to gain more support and donations, but it is self rewarding for all of us at Buzz Web Media.

buzz web media sponsoring Written PortraitsBut supporting causes in your community doesn’t just stop there. We owe it to many community causes for having exposed us to their following – many supporters of causes are other business owners. Many are seeking or needing our services. So by selecting to assist and support causes that resonate with us we in turn have been rewarded with ‘referral marketing’ – one of the strongest forms of marketing that converts.

There are a number of causes, foundations and charities we have provided websites and other online marketing services to. We became aware of just about all of them by way of being personally introduced by a business friend or client. So again, it started at referral marketing.

The point I’m trying to make here has a lot to do with why social media marketing can be such a powerful tool. If you think of social media sites as a method to build and nurture common relationships first, you will start to understand why Buzz Web Media rarely needs to run a promotional campaign.

The more you are seen and talked about by others,
the more influence & credibility you build around your business,
and the more work will come to you
(via a rewarding effort!)

We prefer to donate our time (or place our money as sponsors) into community causes and expose them further than pay for advertising. Not only does it get us free media by association but it creates great bonds and feels good too!

“Written Portraits”, a national annual event is close to our hearts and a great example of selecting what to support in order to find like minded people to develop relationships with. We have 2 young teenagers and recognise how important it is for them to express themselves as they develop into adults in this rapidly changing world.

So this annual national cause is a good match for us to support as sponsors, and nurture our business relationships at because the founding company, Forming Circles, is one who shares the vision of creating community ripples to stimulate business growth. Here’s highlights of us from 2013 as sponsors:

When working with like minded people it means it doesn’t feel like work at all when helping them manage their online presence! Creating community ripples to create business is also known as ’cause marketing’ but I like to think of it more as ‘relationship marketing’ because it is just like building great karma 🙂