Write Your Way To Success

Integrate an effective content marketing plan to build brand credibility online and convert your audience into customers.

Have you ever thought, do people actually like my brand? Do people like the quality of service I offer? What do my customers want next? The answer is simple… ask them.

Now it’s not as straight forward as publishing a social media post explicitly asking these questions and expecting answers, but it isn’t rocket science either. All it takes is one extra hour a week to seamlessly create and integrate an effective content marketing plan into your existing strategy.

Choose The Platform

Publishing online allows current and potential customers to create a relationship with your brand prior to using your service. By implementing content marketing into the business strategy, you are humanising your brand by creating a channel of conversation for your audience to engage with.

People are much more likely to use a service that is recommended to them from a friend than from the first web link or shopfront they come across. So use content marketing as a way to connect with your audience and build a strong relationship that will turn leads into customers.

Content marketing does not exclusively refer to blogging. Effective social media posts have engaging descriptions and hashtags for images, articles and videos that make the post interesting for users to engage with. People are automatically drawn to things that are:

  1. aesthetically pleasing
  2. a completely new idea or point of view
  3. entertaining through humour or sarcasm

So aim to incorporate at least one of the elements into your content, however all three elements can be intertwined into a relevant and reliable blog article or social media post. Whether you decide to take up social media or blogging, or preferably both, creating content that bridges the gap between your brand and the audience is key to building and retaining loyal customers.

Create Conversation

If your business predominately offers services such as gardening, accounting and construction, social media may not be the most effective platform for the business. Customers seeking a service based business want to know your level of experience and expertise, so it is important to show them why you are better then your competitor.

Publishing blog articles is a great way to offer tips and advice to your audience to kickstart a trusting relationship as well as building brand credibility within the industry. For example, if you own a gardening business you may decide to publish an autumn blog on how to prune roses to keep them alive throughout the upcoming months of cold weather. Customers will value your expert advice as it is relevant, reliable and most importantly achieves results. Blogging is an effective tool for converting an online audience into loyal customers that employ your services.


Stringing together a sentence isn’t the hard part of writing content, finding the words and phrases to engage your audience is.


The main purpose of publishing content online is to create and maintain a strong relationship with your audience. Yes, you may be blogging to create a credible brand or to stand out as an industry expert, or maybe you choose to use social media as a channel to convert leads into customers and build brand awareness. Whatever your goal, the common path to success is connecting with your audience through conversation.

Maintain Relationships                        

By providing content that your audience can interact with, you can now monitor content to determine the answers to the proposed questions. Social media comments, likes and shares provide a good indication of what content your audience prefers, from advice to service packages on offer or the latest product. Whilst click through rates and comments are effective in determining audience interaction with blog articles. Monitor your content to stay in tune with what your audience want to learn, want to buy and want to use.

Implement content marketing into your strategy to find out how your audience perceives your brand. The key is to produce relevant and reliable information such as advice and tips to create a loyal relationship. Then monitor audience interaction on content to find out what services and products your audience favour and what they think about the overall brand to assist you in evaluating and developing your business to reach success.