Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions and privacy policies on your website may rarely be used, but become very important in limiting your legal exposure. For most businesses, the content of these documents is quite standard but to ensure you are properly protected you may want to seek legal advice.

The following links to online generators for these documents are provided only as a starting point and we do encourage that you review these properly to ensure they properly cover the needs of your business. To ensure you are adequately protected, you may want to seek legal advice.

https://termsfeed.com (some fees – T&C only)
http://termsandconditionstemplate.com (free/donation)
https://termsandcondiitionssample.com (free – T&C only)
http://getterms.io (free)

When you provide content to Buzz Web Media for any of your website pages, we assume you have performed the necessary checks to ensure they are suitable for your business. Buzz Web Media adds any content you provide to your website under the understanding that you have the right to use the content, and it has been properly checked to ensure it meets the needs of your business.

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