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Engage with social media influencers to make the products you sell more desirable, the services you offer more reliable and your brand more approachable.
Social media influence

The only way to gain significant traffic on social media is by purchasing time and space, just like traditional advertising. However Facebook Ads and Instagram sponsored content aren’t the only methods to position your brand in the spotlight.

The digital world gave birth to numerous social media platforms where many influencers govern the current trends and determine which latest product or brand is worth purchasing.

Who are social media influencers?

Social media influencers are individuals with a large following who can assist you in developing relationships with your brand and the target audience. TRIBE is an organisation that bridges the gap between brands and influencers. This organisation is a marketplace for brands to search for the most reputable and reliable influencer for a specific brief or campaign.

TRIBE categorise an influencer as ‘someone with 3000+ real followers’ on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By ‘real followers’ they mean organic followers – users who have chosen to follow the influencer rather than fake or spam accounts that have been paid to follow an account.

There are endless amounts of social media accounts claiming to increase your followers and likes on content in exchange for your money. However, it cannot be stressed enough that purchased followers will devalue your brand.

Gaining ‘real followers’ gives your brand credibility, and creates a trusting online presence your audience can engage with.

If you answer yes to at least three of these characteristics, block the user or deny them access to follow you;

  • Does the account have random numbers and punctuation elements like underscores in the username?
  • Does the account have less than 10 posts with little or no engagement?
  • Is the account in another language and private?
  • Does the account engage with relevant content? For example, a hairdresser would be predominantly liking and commenting on posts about hairdressing and beauty, not about cars.
  • When you click on the account to see their page, does the account look spammy?

These characteristics are a good starting block to determine if your brand has fake accounts engaging with your content.

How will social media influencers support your business?

From small businesses to global brands, social media influencers allow you to increase brand awareness, increase online reputation and increase SEO traffic.

The most important role social media influencers play, is humanising your brand. Making the products you sell desirable, making the services you offer reliable and making your brand more approachable.

How do I find social media influencers?

Brands can find an influencer by searching the account name, searching content via hashtags, topics or location on social media accounts.

It is important to remember that influencers are not celebrities or brand advocates. Social media influencers are everyday people who have relatable, reliable or industry leading ideas or imagery that gain traffic by social media users.

Now you know who not to engage with on social media, find your social media influencers to collaborate, create and cultivate your brand.