Marketing Strategies New Consultants Should Try

Getting started as a new consultant is not always easy….here are some marketing strategies to grow your business in your first year

Choosing the right methods for your consultancy and creating an effective marketing strategy that will land you clients isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to business consultancy. Depending on your niche and your existing network, and even the resources you have available, it’s going to quite often be different for every new consultant.

Getting started may take more than you originally expected, and the competition may be challenging, but you can gain a competitive advantage by developing the right marketing tactics. Here are some marketing strategies new consultants like you should try:

1. Establish professional connections on social media

Marketing your coaching and consulting business with social media is effective, but sometimes tedious. It takes a lot of time and effort to build an active following, craft compelling content regularly, and make strong connections with professionals who can employ you or make valuable referrals.

Your social media success will depend on your content’s quality and your current social connections. It can be challenging because you may only be posting about what you’re doing, which won’t generate much engagement. However, more high-effort social media posts, like sharing tutorials, providing professional business tips, and sharing case studies, can enable you to gain more followers. That’s why some people manage to collect thousands of followers in just several weeks, while others build their following over years.

As such, keep in mind that social media is all about providing value and making connections. Instead of selling yourself, prioritise interacting with your followers and creating content. That way, you can grow your brand, make a name for yourself in the consultancy industry and grow your client base effectively!

2. Use online advertising

Social media, in-person events, and blogging are effective for boosting your exposure and helping you expand your reach. However, it’s difficult to know if you’re targeting the right people. To reach the people who are looking for your services or those who need your help but don’t know it yet, integrate online advertising into your lead generation strategy.

For paid traffic strategies, it is important to understand exactly who you are targeting, and what’s important to them if you want your campaigns to convert and generate a positive return on investment.

Conduct keyword research and incorporate them wisely into your content and search engine marketing. You should strike a balance between targeting low and high competition keywords, depending on whether you are using paid or organic strategies, with consideration to the cost/time-benefit return to your consultancy business. Targeting high competition search terms may yield volume but the added expense may not be warranted when, as a smaller business, you can go after lower search volume, less competitive keywords.

Of course, search engine marketing may not be appropriate for all businesses, and this is where paid social campaigns and understanding who you are after comes in both for targeting and the content you are promoting.

Remember—running successful ad campaigns takes lots of time and effort. Be patient and explore various targeting strategies, keywords, and ad copy. You’ll eventually find an online advertising strategy that works best for you! If you hit a roadblock, consult with a digital marketing agency!

3. Attend networking events

Attending networking events lets you meet and interact with a focused crowd. Networking events attract a wide range of professionals, some may potentially benefit from your services, but it is important to have a clear message, or elevator pitch, that highlights who you target and what you do for them….not everyone will be for you, but a clear message will make you stand out.

Some networking events will be more general whereas others will be more focused. For instance, go to marketing meetups if you’re a marketing consultant (in a crowd where there are others like you, go hyper-specific on what you specialise in – this will help you stand out and may even result in referrals). Other events you can attend are industry conferences, boot camps, speed networking events, and the chamber of commerce meetings. You can also talk about your experience at these events through social media to launch compelling content!

Building lasting and meaningful professional relationships through networking events can be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to networking. But by attending this kind of event regularly, it’ll become second nature for you!

What’s Next?

Getting clients is a crucial step to becoming a successful consultant. Since there are various marketing strategies to choose from, figuring out one that produces satisfying results can be difficult. While you don’t need to do all of them, you can just select those listed above, see if they work, and continue exploring until you get better results.

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