How to Hypertarget Your Facebook Ads to Your Audience

Learn how to use Facebook’s new “Flex And-Or Exclusion” options to specifically target your ads to the people most likely to be interested in what you are promoting

Let’s talk about the obvious….the more relevant your advertising to the audience it reaches, the greater the chance of conversion.


But how to you make sure that your Facebook ad spend is targeted to those individuals most likely to buy?

Well up until recently it was not that easy. The more interests you added the broader your targeting got. That’s because you could only target an audience that was the sum of those interests, not the intersection of those interests.

The good news is that Facebook is now allowing you (for now via the Power Editor) to use and/or functions to target your audience using what they call “Flex And-Or Exclusion” targeting.

Using detailed targeting to build your audience

Here is how Facebook explains it using the example of a gaming company….

1.First, set up the basic targeting options like location, age and gender

Location: Live in the United States, AND
Age: Are between the ages of 15 and 35, AND
Gender: Are men


2. Use Facebook’s detailed targeting section to make the audience more specific

The audience needs to Include people who match at least ONE of the following:

Behaviors: iPhone 6 OR iPhone 6 Plus


3. Click Narrow Audience to set a new rule

People in my audience MUST ALSO match at least ONE of the following:

Interests: Action games


4. Click Exclude People to set a new rule

You want to EXCLUDE people who match at least ONE of the following:

Behaviors: 2G network connection

Facebook ads - detailed targeting


Your Final Audience – A Specific Intersection of Interests

So now you have generated an audience that is able to match specific interests and characteristics of your audience. This feature rollout takes away assumptions you were forced into making by the Facebook advertising platform, e.g. if someone likes chocolate and icecream it does not immediately follow that they are crazy for choc-chip icecream.

Now your Facebook ad targeting can look like:

Facebook ads detailed targeting - intersection of interests

…..which means more specific targeting, greater conversion ratio and a higher return on investment for your Facebook ad spend.

Sounds good, don’t you think?