Forget the No’s

People will say, “No”….some are out of your control but the secret is in how you get more people saying, “Yes”

It’s human nature…we hate being told, “No.”

Whenever you hear it, it feels like a personal rejection, but you have to move past that. Just because it is not for them, does not mean it’s not right for someone else.

In fact, there are any number of reasons that people might say “No.”

….some are out of your control but others you can plan for.

1. You’re talking to the wrong person

Whether they are not the decision maker, or your offer is just not the right fit…this comes down to understanding who your ideal client is.

Forget marketing to the masses. Go after the niches, the minimum viable market, and understand the needs and motivations of the people you are targeting.

2. You have not nailed your value proposition

Specificity is the key. If you know who you’re targeting, then a tailored marketing message goes a long way to positioning you as the answer. People want to know that you have helped people exactly like them, and that you can be trusted to do the job right.

This ties back to understanding exactly who your market is, and tailoring your message *for* them….remember people buy for their own reasons, not your’s.

It’s not the right time

This will happen. There may be things going on that they need to deal with first…but don’t write them off. Have a plan for keeping in touch ….email, retargeting ads or even setting the next appointment to follow up.

At the end of the day though, good marketing is about getting in front of the right people, educating them and pre-qualifying them, so when they’re in a position to do something you will have more successful outcomes.