Taking Event Bookings On Your WordPress Site

If you are running events there are cost effective ways to take event bookings with your WordPress site. Here’s what we use

This is an older post…we will be releasing our own plugin shortly to handle event bookings that solves the issues with the following option. Like us on Facebook for an update on the plugin release.

So if you want to list events on your WordPress site, I think Events Calendar by Modern Tribe is a great full featured option. Honestly, the free version is so good I have not had the need to use the Pro version yet.

Furthermore, if you have events you would like to take payment for then you should check out their paid extension WooTickets which ties into the ecommerce plugin, Woocommerce.

There are two things about using Events Calendar, Woocommerce and Wootickets that appeal to me:

  1. If the site is also selling products you then have all your sales going through the one shopping cart rather than having events and products sold independently.
  2. Through Woocommerce you have the ability to integrate a lot more payment gateways, including bank merchant accounts.

For these two reasons I think this combination has value over a lot of the other well known WordPress event plugins.

The only problem I had with the way that Wootickets integrated the Events Calendar with Woocommerce was that out-of-the-box it would not collect all the names of attendees when more than one ticket was bought in a single transaction. However, through some tips in the Modern Tribe support forum I decided we should put together a simple plugin to add this function.

All you have to do is install and activate our plugin and when someone is purchasing multiple tickets the corresponding number of fields will appear to collect the names and email addresses of attendees.

Wootickets Attendee List

Unfortunately, an update to WooTickets/Events Calendar broke our addon. While the Tri.be solution to event bookings does have it’s merits we are waiting for them to support the collection of the details of multiple attendees.

There has been a large number of requests from purchasers for over a year to add this feature after they realised that the description of the functions was a little misleading and they could not collect all the details. Many users have been disappointed to be told it is not a Tri.be priority but hopefully at some point they will reconsider.

We aren’t using the Events Calendar now for events as most of our clients are running one-off events. We simply use the WooCommerce shortcode [add_to_cart_url id=”99″] and apply it to a button.

With time we might take the functions out of the addon to work just with WooCommerce but we wont be updating it to support WooTickets as we have no control over any of their updates which could break it again.