3 Elements Of A Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

To build a strong online presence you need to create a powerful social media marketing strategy with 3 key elements working in synergy

Businesses wanting to build a strong online presence need to focus on their social media marketing strategy. Doing so will enable them to reach a larger client audience and generate more enquiries quickly and time efficiently. However, developing a social media marketing strategy goes beyond simply posting organised content every day. To dominate your niche market online, your social media marketing strategy requires synergy between 3 basic elements.

1. Social Media Marketing Goals

Developing a social media marketing strategy starts and ends with setting goals and tracking their performance to achieve or adjust them. So firstly, define what you want to achieve from using social media, and make sure your goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

For example, let’s say for 3 months your focus is to increase your email database, by 500, by giving away free resources. To be a SMART goal, your social media marketing strategy needs to not only include the content, but what the advertising budget will be to reach the right audience, how the budget will be distributed, and will influencers or a pre-existing network support you. Then, how will you track growth to assess and adjust the budget, the audience, the content, or even the resources being offered…

As we all know, social media is a continually shifting space, with many users interacting with a variety of content daily. Getting someone to make the decision to follow your profile is easy, but maintaining a competitive presence in their social news feed to convert them into business is harder. So to reach your goals, as you grow and the goals change, your social media marketing strategy must keep your client audience engaged and interested after you have initially captured their attention. Which is why it is important the next 2 elements listed below support your goals cohesively.

2. Understanding your Sales Funnel on Social Media

The marketing funnel is the buying process that you set up for your target audience on social media to go through to purchase your products and services, and you need to have a comprehensive understanding of how user-friendly and trustworthy this process is for all your social media goals to succeed.

The best way to build marketing funnels to achieve your social media goals, is to consult with a digital marketing specialist. They can help you study your customer’s current experience through your business’ funnel, and establish concrete strategies to achieve your goals.

For example, to identify how users can become aware of your brand on social media and show genuine interest you could gather engaging content from previous client’s, such as asking for social reviews or recommendations and advertise it. This social proof content helps interested clients build brand trust and visualise themselves as clients in your business. And after the campaign is run, you can evaluate the results with your digital marketing specialist to inform you of your next steps. Ensuring your sales funnel is in place for social media use is integral to achieving your social media goals and the foundation of any successful online brand presence.

3. Social Media Content Calendar

The social media content calendar is the core of your whole social media marketing strategy since it guides you and your marketing team. Identifying key important business dates and events relevant to your business will help you set your quarterly goals and budgets and help you plan out your sales funnel campaigns, and types of social posts. It enables you to prepare all the necessary content and customer funnel details in advance to ensure that you can meet your goals.

One of the most popular highlights in a social media content calendar is how your business responds to holidays. These are the times when prospective customers are looking for different products and services to meet their needs.

For example, let’s say Easter is coming up next month. You could develop special promos, social media campaigns, and other online content that will attract more clients to your business in advance.

Using a social media content calendar to plot all the important dates for your business helps you set clear goals and provides you with a road map of campaigns and content you need to create during the year. This is why this element is so important to developing a powerful social media marketing strategy.

Now that you know…

what the 3 key elements to a powerful social media marketing strategy are and how they should operate in supporting each other, you can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed if you plan to create one alone. It takes an interest in keeping a pulse on social media marketing trends, content trends and knowledge on how to interpret insights in order to assess content for engagement, user experiences etc. So for many business owners, consulting with a social media specialist to create a social media marketing strategy is an effective way to not only set clear goals, but also keep the 3 elements of your social media marketing strategy connected to achieve those goals.

In a nutshell, your approach to social media should start with a strong marketing strategy. Doing so will enable you to find concrete success online and gain competitive advantages over your competitors. But remember to continually tweak and refine your social media marketing strategy to ensure all 3 key elements within it are working in synergy.

Goals need sales funnels, sales funnels need engaging content. And we all know content without purpose rarely creates business growth and sales. Buzz Web Media can provide you with all the digital support your business needs to have a powerful social media marketing strategy put in place and managed for you. We are your dedicated team of digital and social media specialists with all the tools and expertise you need to create a successful online presence. Start generating more enquires and sales through social media by booking a discovery session with us.