What You Need To Know About Customising Your Facebook Feed

Do you want more clarity from your Facebook news feed? Find out how to adjust your Facebook settings to save time, stay on top of trends, and reach more of your audience.

There were 1.3 billion daily active Facebook users as of June 2016 – that is a lot of content. So, how do you see what’s important to you? Well, adjusting your Facebook settings can not only help you save time and help you stay on top of what is trending, but from a business page perspective, it can help you reach more of your audience. Read on to find out how you can customise your business’ Facebook feed to improve your online productivity.

1. Customise Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is a great tool for business owners, marketers and consultants who are seeking to be part of the online conversation, especially within their own industries. Facebook customises your overall experience based on your engagement. You can adjust your setting so that you see what you want to – this means that you can respond, interact and share content that is highly relevant to not only you, but your audience.

Choose what you want to see first

Decide which posts you want to see at the top of your pages news feed. You can set this for any page, friend or person that your business Page follows. You can select up to 30 people or pages, but your selections aren’t ranked. If you don’t select it yourself, the setting is Default which is subject to Facebook’s algorithm.

It is easy to enable See First for a page on desktop. Click through to the Pages profile, click on the drop down accessible from the Page Like button, then select ‘See First’.

See First Example 1

Another way to make this change is to hover over the Liked button and click the edit pencil next to ‘In Your News Feed’, then select ‘See First’.

See First Example 2

To get specific notifications on activities such as events and live videos, click the edit pencil next to Notifications. Then check the notifications that you want to receive.

Specific Notifications Example 1

Facebook will show to approximate number of posts that a particular page publishes per week, and also indicate the maximum daily notifications a user will receive on any given day.

To enable See First for friends or people you follow, find one of their posts in your feed on desktop and hover over their name. Then move your cursor to hover over the Following button and click See First. You can also do this from a person’s profile by hovering over the Following button.

If you want to enable See First on your mobile device, just tap the page or person’s name, tap the Following button, then tap See First.

NOTE: Whether you adjust your See First settings on desktop or mobile, the settings are universal.

Further Adjusting Your Facebook News Feed Preference

To further adjust your news feed settings, click the little drop-down arrow at the right of your blue menu bar on desktop and select News Feed Preferences.

Further Adjusting Preferences Example 1

In the pop-up, view and edit the settings in each section to your liking.

Further Adjusting your Preferences Example 2

To access these settings on mobile, tap the More icon in the lower right. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Settings. In the pop-up, select News Feed Preferences. You’ll then see the same Preferences menu shown in the image above.

Define Interest Lists

Put your do-to experts and resources on a Facebook interest list to curate the content you want to see, share and interact with on a regular basis. You can search for and subscribe to other people’s lists, as well.

To get started on desktop, scroll down to Interests on the left side of your news feed. Hover over Interests and click More.

Define Interest Lists Example 1

This is where you will find all of your interest lists. To create a new interest list, click Add Interests.

Add Interests Example 1

You are then prompted to click Create List.

Use the search box at the top of the window to look for the people and pages you want to add to your list. You may also want to use the categories on the left to browse. After you select the people and pages you want to include in your list, click Next.

Add Interests Example 2

Now name your list and select a privacy setting. Choose Public if you want others to be able to follow the list you have created. When you’ve finished, click Done to create your list.

Add Interests, Example 3

NOTE: You don’t have to Like a page to add it to a list. Also, when you add people and/or pages to an interest list, they don’t get a notification. However, depending on the Privacy settings you have selected for your list, others may see what people and pages are on your list.

If you think someone would enjoy seeing the information featured on one of the lists you have created or followed, you can share your list. Scroll down to Interests on the left side of your news feed. Hover over Interests and click More. Select the name of the list and then click Share at the top of the page to share it.

Selecting your Favourites

Favourites are the bookmarks on the top-left side of your news feed on your desktop. To find your favourites on mobile, tap the More section, These are the pages, groups, interests lists, friends lists, and apps that you want to access most often.

Selecting Favourites Example 1

On desktop, if you see something that you want to add to Favourites, hover over it and then click the gear icon to get the option to add it.

If you want to add something but don’t see it, hover over the section (pages, groups, etc.) on the left side of your news feed and then click More. Next, click on the gear symbol to add an item to Favourites.

You can easily add favourites on iOS devices. Tap the More icon on the bottom right of your home screen, scroll down slightly to your Favourites section, tap Add Favourites, and select your choices to favourite. You will see all of your groups, the pages you manage and interest lists shown as feeds.

If you want to reorder your Favourites on mobile, just tap Edit next to Favourites, and then drag and drop to change the order. When you are finished, tap Done.

To rearrange the order of your favourites on desktop, click the gear icon next to any of your favourites, select Rearrange, and click and drag your favourite to where you want it to go.

Once you have the item where you want it, click Done below your favourites.

Remember, anything you favourite on your desktop will also show up on your mobile experience and vice versa.

When you customise your personal news feed, you can easily follow people and pages, make comments and increase visibility. This also allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and keep your name and brand top of mind.

2. Stay Current With Pages Your Page Has Liked

Each page you admin has its own pages feed. This is where you can view, share and comment on storied from Pages you’ve liked as your Page.

You can access your pages feed on the right-hand side of your page.

Accessing Page Feed

However, each post, share, like and comment can be from any page you admin, or from your profile. To switch post attribution, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile/page image.

Comment Persona Example 1

Then select the account you want to use to engage.

Comment Persona Example 2

Use your Page’s Feed to easily find content for research or to share or comment on as a page. This helps you stay on top of mind through thought leadership and engagement.

3. Encourage Fans to Add You to Their Customised Facebook Feed

Now that you have set up your feed to be user-friendly, encourage your fans to do the same. Here are some things you can do.

Ask Fans to Set Notifications

Periodically publish a post encouraging your fans to change their notifications to see your page’s posts first. Incorporate screenshots so fans know what to do.

Remember, if See First is not enabled, the way the Facebook algorithm works is that fans need to engage with your content to see it. Otherwise, paid placement is the only way to reach them. Those who unfollow you are still fans of your page. While it is possible they might come to your page, it isn’t likely. Fortunately, you can also reach these fans via promoted posts. It is in your best interest to see not only your favourite pages first, but also encourage your fans to do that too.

Ask Fans to Subscribe to Videos and Events

The top notification to encourage your fans to enable is for Facebook Live. Create a live video asking them to do this, share how-to pictures, or write a post about how to subscribe.

Here’s what they need to know when subscribing to your videos: Hover over the Liked button on your page, click the edit pencil icon next to Notifications, and select New Live Posts. Or people can sign up to get future Live notifications during your Facebook Live broadcast on desktop or mobile. They can also subscribe from a previous Live video. On desktop, click the grey arrow in the top right of any Facebook Live post. Then click See More Options. Then click Turn on Live Notifications. Fans will then be notified when the page is broadcasting on Facebook Live.

Depending on how frequently you broadcast via Facebook Live, your fans may or may not receive all notifications. Just as with post notifications, Facebook shows the maximum number of daily Live notifications a person would see.

On mobile, it’s even easier to subscribe to Facebook Live videos. Tap the top right of a page’s previous Live. The subscription will be confirmed and a checkmark shows you that you are subscribed.

Also, if you regularly host events, encourage your fans to sign up for event notifications.

Final Thoughts

Facebook notifications make for a better experience not only for you and your business, but also your followers. You need to be active and organised, and having the right settings will help you achieve that. With the right settings, you will have the resources you want at your fingertips and so will your fans.