Using TrackDuck to Provide Feedback for Websites

To simplify the feedback process on website design mockups and website development we use a tool called TrackDuck. This tool allows you to comment directly on website design mockups at the design stage, as well as the website once we give you a link to the website in development.

You will be sent a link to create an account, and then you will be able to provide feedback by clicking on areas of the mockups/website….this means you don’t have to spend time explaining exactly what you are referring to before providing feedback.

Website Design Stage

The first point at which you will be invited to TrackDuck is when we have mocked up website designs for you to review and provide feedback. After creating your account, click on Images to view the available mockups (typically just the home page mockup to start).

The following video will show you how to accept an invitation and start providing feedback:

Website Development Stage

Once you sign off on the website design, we will start the website development stage, and when ready we will provide you a link to the staging site where you can provide feedback. To do this with TrackDuck, you will need to install an extension for your web browser to display the TrackDuck commenting feature.

The browser extensions are available on the following links:

Google Chrome


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