Twitter Marketing For Your Business

We all know Twitter can be a powerful tool for people to share their latest news or express their opinions from products to politics but if you still haven't joined the Twitter world here's a quick video which explains the very basics quickly.

Blogging: How Does It Provide More Traffic To my Website?

A blog is a 'tool' so 'how you use it' depends on how effective it is in driving traffic to your website. If you want your website to give more content by adding new or better detailed information on your business topic regularly then blogging is a good idea. A...

Can You Afford a $7500 Fine for a Facebook Fan’s Comment?

We all have seen the fan comments that have embellished a businesses service or product because they know the owner and they think they're helping build their friend's fan base on the businesses Facebook Fan Page…. BUT… As the Business Owner you will be responsible for leaving fans' misleading or...

No More FBML for Creating Custom Fanpages

No need to panic though! Facebook will still support Fanpages already using FBML code. It will only affect Fanpages wanting to create a custom page from 2011. Here's an excerpt from Facebook Developers list of changes expected in the first quarter for 2011