Western Sydney Small Business Expo

Western Sydney Small Business Expo is a one-day event that aims to bridge the gap between small and medium to large size businesses and create opportunities for both organisations.

Project Summary

For this project we provided content layout advice, and did everything from website design to development in less than 3 weeks, with content only being provided on the same day as the website was to be launched. This is by no means the best way to bring a website together but we are extremely happy with what we were able to pull together in such a small window of time.

The features to note are the custom post types for presenters and exhibitors that allow website admins to enter information without worrying how it will display on the front end of the website.

Presenters Custom Post Type

This was done in such a way that when entering a presenter there were a number of fields to be completed, and different pages show different parts of the full information provided for each presentation:

  1. The home page shows a carousel of the speakers for the day
  2. There is a page that pulls in information for keynote speakers with links to their presentations
  3. There is a page that pulls in information for workshop presenters with links to their presentations
  4. The page displaying the schedule for the day pulled in information for each of the presentations
  5. Each has a page to display more information about the presenter and their presentation

Exhibitors Custom Post Type

This post type allows the website admin to add exhibitors by uploading a logo, company name, bio and website address, and setting a category for each. All of the exhibitors are displayed on a page, showing by category with the ability to filter results to a specific category only.


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