Targeted Google Adwords campaigns that deliver more clicks, calls and customers

If your landing pages can convert traffic, and your sales team can convert enquiries, then we can grow your business with Google Adwords. We’ll identify the best keywords and optimise your ads to generate a positive return on your investment

There are no vague promises of results with Google Adwords. It is all driven by numbers

It literally pays to be at the top of search results and the guaranteed quickest way to do this is through Google Adwords

Google Adwords target relevant search terms people are using and send them to the page on your site that is most relevant and likely to convert. If people search for a blue widget, send them straight to a page about blue widgets, not your home page or general widget page.

Google Adwords gives unparalleled opportunity to scrutinise and optimise everything from the search terms to landing page performance, so when we run your Google Adwords campaign we are always looking for opportunities to squeeze more returns out of your marketing dollar.

Will a Google Adwords campaign work for you?


What is the average profit you make on a customer?
Consider repeat business, e.g. accountants have clients come back at least once pe year
How many enquiries do you need to convert 1 sale?
What percentage of website visitors convert to an enquiry?
Your Industry
Cost per click


Based on your business metrics it would cost

$1400 to make $5000
Note: These results are based on loose assumptions. Campaigns do require work to identify and optimise the correct keywords that will deliver optimal results.

How we manage your campaign

It’s extremely important that your campaign is properly set up and managed to be successful.

  1. Website/Landing Page Review

    We’ll review your website and make recommendations to improve your ability to convert visitors.

  2. Keyword Research

    We use a number of tools and review what your competitors are doing to formulate a keyword list.

  3. Campaign Build

    We’ll logically group similar keywords with ads we compose and link to the most relevant pages on your site.

  4. Tracking Setup

    Unless results are being tracked, campaigns cannot be optimised. We’ll generate tracking code and add it to your site or provide to your website developer.

  5. Ongoing Optimsation

    We monitor the performance of your campaign, providing ongoing optimisation to reduce the cost of acquisition of new leads

Google Adwords Management Plans

* Prices are exclusive of GST

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