Social Media Marketing

More than just Likes. We focus on reach and activity that fills
your marketing funnel

Authority & Engagement Through Content

Through social media you have the ability to engage with your existing customer base and reach out to potential new customers. However, it is easy to assume that social media is just posting content, but successful social media campaigns require the strategic planning of a content funnel to drive engagement and website visits.

An effective social media presence requires

Maintenance and management

Maintenance and management of your social media profiles for a credible brand presence and to engage your existing audience

Planning & Promotion

Intelligent planning of content funnels fuelled by social media ads to increase reach, and generate traffic and leads for your business.

Social media management

If you are going to do social media, do it properly or you are better off switching it off.

Every web property is a reflection of your business, so if you have a social media account that is not properly maintained it says something about your business.

The state of your social media accounts says something about you. Maybe you tried social media in the past and did not get the results you were after in the past…..well what does a stagnant profile say about you?

We understand that you’re busy, so we offer social media management to keep your accounts active and credible. We post to your accounts with a combination of your content, content we create and industry relevant content that your audience would be interested in.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is “interruption” marketing. No one is going into any of the social media platforms for the purpose of buying from or engaging you for a service….they are at the point of ZERO interest.

This means you need to be smart and think in terms of an advertising campaign, a strategic content funnel that builds brand recognition and authority.

We help you to:

Identify your key target audiences and the needs your product or service satisfies

Identifying existing content assets (or content to be created) that can be used to capture the interest of your target market

Build a content funnel and the advertising that guides prospects through the buyer journey

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