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Your website is central to all of your marketing efforts and has the power to convert leads or turn them away. Whether a person is visiting after doing a Google search or checking you out after being given your business card, your website has the power to make or break your business.

At Buzz Web Media, our goal is to understand your business, your products and services, and the market you serve so we can plan, design and develop a website that maximises conversions.

The Website Design & Development Process


We take an active approach in understanding you and your business, your industry and target market, as well as your competition, to ensure that every design element in our finished product addresses your business marketing goals. All projects start with a “kick-off” session with you to ensure the proper direction of our research.


The planning stage is where we take what we learnt in the discovery phase to apply our experience in website design and marketing and, working with you, plan out the structure of your website. This is where we establish the hierarchy of pages to ensure a smooth navigation experience for your visitors and search engines.


This is where concepts start to take form. Taking what was established in the planning stage, we now mockup design concepts for the website, including modern, clean design that incorporates clear navigation and prominent call to actions. Our design concepts ensure a positive user experience that maximises conversions.


Here’s where we add the engine. Our websites are developed to be responsive for optimum viewing on all devices. Our websites utilise a content management system which means you are in control of as much, or as little, of the website updates that you want. The end product is a beautiful website that has powerful tools for search engine optimisation and social sharing built in.

Why Use Buzz Web Media
For Your Website

Are You After A New Website Or More Business?

A website is not the be all and end all of your online marketing presence. It is much like a glossy pamphlet - if it is not distributed and put in the hands of the right people then it generates no business. That's why we consider your website as part of your marketing plan and work with you to decide on the best allocation of your digital marketing budget, such that we have a plan for generating traffic to a website that converts.

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Can we update the website ourselves?

Our websites have an easy to use interface, so whenever you want to add a new page or simple change some text and images on an existing page you will be able to do this yourself. Most of our websites are powered by the most used content management system in the world today. WordPress. Whether you need a portfolio or shopping cart, it can all be done.

What is a content management system?

A website powered by a content management system allows for everyday people to update websites using interfaces similar to Microsoft Word. You write the content in the backend and hit update and instantly your website has been changed. Our role is to take a design concept and code it so whenever you publish a new page it will display in a certain format without you needing to be a coding whiz.

Is the website mobile friendly?

Our websites are not just mobile friendly, they are also tablet friendly. Visitors might be sitting at a desktop computer, but there’s a good chance they could also be at home on the lounge or on the go in a meeting room, the car (of course, not the driver ;)), the train or in a bus. Whatever the device, you want to be making the best impression!

What is responsive design?

Some “mobile friendly” websites are actually separate websites to your desktop website, but how friendly is that to you as the website owner if you have to manage content on two separate websites? A responsive website, however, is a website that adapts it’s content layout to suit the device it is being viewed on. Rather than simply shrinking content, the content moves to adapt to the width of the screen, e.g. 3 content blocks may adapt from being across the page on a desktop computer to being down the page on a mobile.

Responsive design is all about making the user experience better while keeping the website administration down for you.

Does a web designer know the best solutions?

Creating an online presence requires a diverse skill set that does not reside in one single person. Your website needs to be planned out based on your business objectives, functional requirements, website visitor flow and page hierarchy before even starting on website design. If you want an effective website, a web designer is just one part of the team.


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