Having a successful online presence is about more than 'wacking up a website'. If you want to stand out amongst your competitors you need a brand that is recognisable and visible online across a number of platforms.

At Buzz Web Media we go far beyond websites and SEO. When you choose Buzz Web Media consultants we first review your entire online presence and identify the strengths & weaknesses. We then work with you to develop an online marketing strategy that suits your business objectives with the goal of raising awareness of what you do and ultimately drive more business.

Once we have formulated a strategy then we can move to implementing and building a winning brand for your business - One that pops and says you are the right people for the job.

Our Process From Meeting to Implementation

Step 1. Review Your Current Online Presence

The first step in building an online brand is to identify what is currently in place and what areas need attention.

Every business will be different dependent on the industry they are in and the market niche being targeted. One of our consultants will first have a discussion with you about what your business does and what objectives you are trying to achieve before looking at your current online presence and identifying areas that need attention and any brand inconsistencies.

Step 2. Design a Strategy For Your Business

Based on our review of your current position we formulate a strategy for achieving a stronger, more visible presence in your market.

If you want to increase new business enquiries as well as re-engaging past customers for more referral business and repeat sales then we can design the strategy for you.

Step 3. Implementation of the Strategy For Your Online Brand

Buzz Web Media offers training solutions for businesses through to full implementation services for your business' brand.

We are online brand specialists and we provide solutions to improve your brand perception and visibility online.


Our consulting services is offered at three levels to cater to a range of business sizes in order to support you as your business grows:

Level 1 - Corporate Marketing Support

We offer corporate support to marketing teams in order to ensure the best all round result occurs from their campaign budgets and their online brand stays reputable in their message. Two recognised international companies we consult and provide training to are Citizen Australia and Weber BBQ.

Level 2 - Contract Consulting & Management Support

We provide custom consulting and management support to businesses not yet in a position to require a full-time marketing manager. Two businesses we're supporting national brand development is Robert Cliff Jewellers and Concise Finance

Level 3 - 6mth Consulting & Training Package

We have also established a 6mth consulting/training package catering to the needs of small businesses who still require to learn how to manage their online marketing aspects themselves but want to fast track their success with professional advice and support rather than learn from making costly mistakes.

Contact us if you would like further information in regards to Level 1 or 2 support.
Click here for more details about Level 3.