Social Media Branding

Social Media BrandingYour brand is a reflection of your ideals and values and is measured in the way that customers perceive your business. Whether you are branding as an individual or a company, it is extremely important that your brand carries across all channels.

Having a super professional website or offline presence can be let down by your social media branding. Social media has allowed businesses to interact with their customers like never now have the potential to enter their conversation and, through them, a much wider audience.

But what happens when the first experience someone has of you is one of your social media profiles where it looks like it was put together during amateur hour? Is it a true reflection of your brand? Have you just lost the chance at securing a new customer?

Social media is free but if you have started something without planning it out then that profile you created may actually be doing you damage.

Buzz Web Media works with you to put together a comprehensive social media brand. Our solutions include:

  • Profile set up optimisation for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube
  • Facebook Timeline designs
  • Facebook applications that encourage Likes and Sharing amongst friends
  • Twitter design
  • YouTube Channel design

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