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Retarget people based
on the actions that they
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The Google Adwords and Facebook Ads platform let you target visitors that have previously visited any or specific pages on your website. A retargeting campaign gives you the ability to apply specific campaigns (and messages) that are relevant to people that have visited and taken specific actions on your site.

Because people have expressed some form of interest in what you do and you can be very specific with your campaigns, the click-through and conversion rates for retargeted ad campaigns are huge compared to standard advertising to a cold audience.


It is commonly accepted that the more touchpoints you have with a prospect, the greater the chance of converting a sale. Thatís why email is so powerful, but people are reluctant to hand over their email addresses these days, so you need a new method to bridge the trust gap.

That’s where retargeting comes in.

Retargeting lets you maintain contact with prospects, building brand familiarity and, if part of a content funnel, your position as an industry authority.


Upselling and
Client Retention

Retargeting is not only for prospective customers. You can also retarget based on people that have purchased product A but not purchased product B or clicked from your newsletter and not taken the next step you wanted them to take.

In fact, Facebook lets you upload your existing email database to run ads to. This is a great option to target the 70% or people on your database that never open your emails.

Got Questions?
We’ve Got Answers

If people left my site without converting, doesn't that mean they aren't interested?

An abundance of information and high-paced lives mean that even the best website will convert less than 50% of visitors. You may even be lucky to convert 5%.

Will I seem like a pest?

Possibly if the campaign is not specific enough or properly planned, but if you upset someone you can pretty much guarantee that they were never going to use you anyway.

How much will it cost?

Generally we like to apply a percentage of your marketing spend to retargetingÖmaybe 5-10%. It should not be considered a separate marketing avenue, but an integral part of your marketing campaigns. The whole purpose of retargeting is to make existing campaigns convert better because you are simply applying specific followups to visitors resulting from your existing campaigns.

What will I need?

That depends on the campaigns you are running. For Facebook the options are the same as your normal Facebook ads and through Google Adwords you may consider running display banner ads or even YouTube ads.

Want to know how retargeting can fit into your current marketing and improve your ROI?

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