Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is all the buzz now, for good reason. When executed well, social media can deliver dramatic and measurable marketing results. It generates high search authority, lead generation, new customer acquisition and more.

Yet effective social media implementation eludes most brands. Most businesses don’t have expertise on staff, or are not prepared for the time and resource commitment

With everyone jumping on the bandwagon of social media, there has been an influx of overnight social media “experts” providing half-baked advice. Social media is way more than just having a Facebook Page for your business. Proper planning starts with an analysis of your business and culture and builds from there.

  • What are the right social media channels for you?
  • Is your website set up to integrate with your social media marketing and convert leads?
  • Who will be responsible for executing different parts of your social media campaign?

To achieve results from social media, a social media strategy needs to be developed for your business that is implemented in a consistent manner. There are three phases to developing your social media presence

Social Media Management