About us

Buzz Web Media provides specialised internet marketing consulting, educational training and management services to local and international clients.

We deliver a successful online branding presence through the use of an integrated marketing approach and not by any one single marketing method working alone. This means our effective approach to user friendly web design is integrated with marketing methods such as SEO (Google ranking & organic searches), Email Marketing, Blogging & Social Media strategies. Our role is to establish your authority through a highly visible, congruent branding approach in order to become the hub of information.

Our unique client approach allows you to deal directly with one or both of Buzz Web Media's directors, who formulate a strategy for your marketing and are then responsible for instructing Buzz Web Media's team of graphic designers, web developers and search and social media marketing managers in your requirements. We find this approach allows us to focus on putting together a strategy for marketing your business brand without you needing to get caught up in technical jargon you have no inclination towards wanting to know.

The Directors of Buzz Web Media are the Brand Marketing Strategists John-Paul Hogbin & Lee Ussher who are both publicly recognised for speaking and facilitating training within their fields of expertise, not only locally but globally.

John-Paul Hogbin John-Paul Hogbin
SEO & Online Reputation Specialist, Design & Web Marketing Strategist, National Speaker
John-Paul Hogbin heads the agency’s team responsible for website development and increasing traffic through search engine optimisation. He also is responsible for the active development & customer support of DIYCustomFanPages.com.

He has presented at the Law Institute of Victoria, continuing professional development events for the Law Society of NSW and  the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW as well as running seminars with local government for small businesses on how to generate traffic through Google.

John-Paul’s two key concerns for clients are how to generate traffic to their site and then structure the site in such a way as to generate conversions to business, while being user friendly for internal business management if required.

Lee UssherLee Ussher
Social Media & Branding Strategist, International Speaker & U.S Business Women’s Magazine Columnist
Lee Ussher's consulting and strategy experiences with clients has been creating and optimising public profiles & business branding from single business to franchise structures, as well as managing profile & brand reputations. She continues to regularly deliver corporate business training & provide local Govt. workshop facilitation.

Lee heads the agency's social media management team & has maintained a public authority role herself as a speaker and article writing, delivering the latest strategies and benefits of social media not only to the public arena but to her fellow marketing industry at an international conference level.


Our team's skills in website design & development and search engine & social media marketing means that Buzz Web Media can deliver a fully integrated approach to your online marketing campaign.

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